Realistic world version 1.6

Game controls:
  •  Move
More updates will be released every Saturday/Sunday. Occasionaly I may release updates during the week. I will try to improve roads one day and signs, poles details and bug fixes the other day. Please comment below for suggestions to add to the game or email me at Changelog Version 1.1 .Added signs .Polygon collision doesn't work to well .Added barriers to some of gravel road Version 1.2 .Added more signs .Added more barriers .Added more environment objects Version 1.3 .Added more signs .Added more roads .Reworked some roads Version 1.4 .Fixed jittery signs .Added a VERY windy road .Reworked some more roads Version 1.5 .Reworked roads .Deleted a steep road .Changed barrier colour at the end of the road Version 1.6 .Added support poles to part of road .Added some corner signs There is still LOTS of fixes to be done. I am fixing them as quick as I can.